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Speed and Agility Training

Basketball is a game that includes multiple planes of motion and quick changes of direction. Our Speed and Agility training improves your explosive movement and allows you to change direction faster than your opponent. A player who is extremely quick and agile will have the advantage on the court greatly.

Program Costs:

$15 /session
Pay in FULL by Feb. 22nd to receive discount below
$50 TTYHOOPSClub Member
$65 Non-member
Families with 2 kids;
$80 TTYHOOPSClub Member,
$95 Non-member

Our sessions will be dedicated to speed and agility. We will work to enhance mechanics to increase foot speed and strengthen lower body and core muscles. We will also focus on agility to increase quickness in all directions. The final half hour we will implement stretching and injury prevention strategies.

Our goals for the next 6 weeks are to:
  • Increase sprint speed by improving sprinting mechanics
  • Increase quickness and decrease reaction time
  • Create efficient movement patterns to enhance overall performance
  • Implement injury prevention strategies to address common muscle imbalances
  • Improve agility to improve stability and balance, which is important when players are learning how to match improved power from strength training, with coordination.